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Neuer Ozongenerator

Pacific Ozone is the worlds leading supplier of air-cooled, corona discharge ozone generators, complete integrated ozone systems, and ozone process controls. Our product offerings include a broad range of ozone generators that generate 0.5 to more than 50 pounds of ozone per day. In addition, Pacific Ozone offers complete, integrated ozone contacting systems designed to address the continually expanding range of industrial and municipal ozone system requirements.
O Series Ozone Generator CS-O-002
G Series Ozone Generator G-LT
LAB Series Ozone Generator LAB-LT
M Series Ozone Generator Systems M-LT
Integrated Ozone System HORIZON-LT
Ozone / Oxygen System SGA-Large-LT
Portable Ozone Contacting System PC-LT
Comparison Table
Elements of Ozone Max Ozone Production***
Product Line O2 O3 MT CN* Grams/Hour PoundsDay
Summit and Horizon Series * * * * 240 12.8**
M Series   *   * 1000+** 50+**
SGA Series * *   * 240 12.8
SGC Series * *   * 25 1.3
O and G Series   *   * 60 3.2
PC16 and PC25 Portable Series * * * * 25 1.3
Lab Series   *   * 60 3.2
OEM Series   *   * 60+** 3.2+**
* Process control provided as standard on Summit and Horizon series. All other series provided with standard manual control; process control optional.
** Ozone output may be configured as necessary. Please contact Lenntech for more information.
*** Maximum Ozone Production: values quoted are as determined at standard conditions. Contact Pacific Ozone for more information.

Lenntech stellt Ihnen einen neuen Ozongenerator vor:

den Lennozone Ozongenerator

industrielle Qualität mit einem angemessenen Verbraucherpreis. Ozonproduktion mittels Corona Discharge Prinzip.

Vorteile: es wird kein Kühlwasser benötigt! Schroffes Design mit einigen beweglichen Teilen. Ideal für Swimming Pool- und Fischteichanwendungen.

Die Produktion liegt bei 1 - 4 g/h mit Druckluft als Versorgungsgas.

Bei weiteren Fragen können Sie uns gerne kontaktieren.

For more information or a quotation , please contact Lenntech by E-mail.

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