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The part OH-radicals play in ozone disinfection

As was described on the webpage about ozone reaction mechanisms, OH-radicals always form in watery solutions. In theory, these OH-radicals can contribute to the disinfection of certain types of microorganisms. Literary sources do not agree on this subject. However, the claim that ozone is a stronger disinfectant than OH-radicals is commonly accepted [39]. OH-radicals are namely short-living and non-selective compounds. These compounds are likely to be consumed within the cell wall.
During the advanced oxidation process (AOP), OH-radicals can aid the disinfection of resistant microorganisms that react with ozone much slower, such as the protozoa Cryptosporidium Parvum oocyst. This only applies to resistant protozoa. OH-radicals do not have any effect on microorganisms that react with ozone quicker, not even in ozone-based AOP’s.

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