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Inge Ultra Filtration

The compact ultrafiltration elements. Perfect for use in situations requiring low treatment capacity, such as point-of-use and point-of-entry applications.

Ultrafiltration Modules dizzer® P

The high-performance choice. One of the key features of the dizzer® XL module is its large active membrane surface for applications requiring high treatment capacity.

Ultrafiltration Modules dizzer® XL

The unique T-Rack® design developed by inge GmbH is a revolution in ultrafiltration technology. Headers integrated in the module end caps transform the T-Rack® into an ultra-compact rack system. Equipped with dizzer® XL 0.9 MB 60 modules, the T-Rack® vario is designed to be modular, allowing it to be expanded into a system with up to 80 module mounting points. Its compact design with vertically mounted modules requires up to 60% less space than conventional racks. The design includes separate filtrate headers, which means each row can be operated as a separate filtration line. This concept offers unparalleled flexibility and helps keep investment and operating costs to a minimum.

T-Rack® vario

The patented Multibore® membrane technology combines seven individual capillaries in a highly robust fiber – an arrangement that significantly increases the membrane's stability. This eliminates the risk of fiber breakage, thereby enabling maximum operating reliability.

Multibore® Membrane  

Overview Inge membranes

Lenntech kann Ihnen auch mit ähnlichen Filtern oder Filtrations Systemen helfen, um eine optimale Wasseraufbereitung oder Umkehrosmose zu erzielen.

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Lenntech bietet auch die Umkehrosmose Membranen von  Dow Filmtec, GE-Osmonics, Hydranautics, Toray, Trisep, Phoenix, Ropur, Codeline, Protec, CSM, Inge, Axeon, Millipore, Knappe Composites, LewaBrane, Pentair, BelKoch & Wave Cyber.

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